Bridging Classes for International Students 

Take a university class and earn credit while you improve your English language skills for a successful first-year of study.

The Bridging program is ideal for:

  • U of S Language Centre students who are completing their English Language Proficiency requirements and feel ready to take a university class.
  • International U of S students whose test scores qualify for direct entry but may be nervous about an independent start or students who have entered classes and are struggling. 
  • International high school students who are preparing for university and would benefit by having additional English language-learning support as they transition in to academic study. 

To qualify, students must be entering or currently enrolled in an undergraduate program through the College of Arts and Science, Edwards School of Business, or College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. Language Centre students may talk to a teacher or advisor to see if they qualify.

See entry requirements for Bridging programs

International students enrolled in the bridging program receive extra support with:

  • your ESL instructor, who attends your university class with you to provide extra learning support as you integrate your English language skills with the academic needs of the class.
  • learning how to write essays
  • completing assignments 
  • preparing for exams
  • understanding western academic culture 
  • knowing what professors are looking for in assignments, essays and exams
  • feeling comfortable when talking to professors and fellow English-speaking students
  • overcoming culture shock and adapting to life in Canada 
  • participating in Language Centre Activities and Cultural Adaptation programs
  • access to English language learning support available through the Language centre including the library, computer lab, and the student success centre

Bridging Program Schedules

(schedules vary depend on terms)

  • English classes: 12 to 15 hours per week 
  • University academic class: 3 hours per week 
  • Total per term is approximately 200 hours of English + 36 hours of the university class

Types of University classes offered

  • UB1 (Bridging 1): ANTH 111 One World Many Peoples Introduction to Cultural Anthropology which introduces students to world culture and language. 
    • University Credit: 3 credit units for ANTH 111 
    • Students who successfully complete UB1 will qualify for UB2
  • UB2 (Bridging 2): SOC 112 Foundations in Sociology Social Construction of Everyday Life which introduces students to how societies are organized.
    • University Credit: 6 credit units (3 cu for SOC 112 + 3 cu for UB2)

How to Apply

University of Saskatchewan Students

(Language Centre and International Undergraduate Students)

Visit the Main Office at the Language Centre to have your name added to the list. 

Language Centre, University of Saskatchewan
232 R.J.D. Williams Building
221 Cumberland Ave. N.
Saskatoon, SK  
Tel: 306-966-4351

Or, email Lisa Krol to schedule a consultation

If applying from outside of Canada, please apply online.